Why we joined PDEC

I first learned of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) three years ago. I mostly thought the name was quite the mouthful. In time I discovered many kindred spirits in its ranks. After participating in the governance committee over the past year, I have agreed to step up my involvement. Here's why that matters. PDEC [...]

Regs to help small businesses?

It was cold and windy when I boarded Metro-North at Fordham Saturday morning. My destination was a conference at Yale's law school: "Unlocking the Black Box: The Promise and Limits of Algorithmic Accountability in the Professions." Anything about black box systems grabs my attention. This particular conference was organized by Frank Pasquale, a law professor [...]

Credit is broken; And it needs a unicorn?

I easily tire of Silicon Valley fads. One is the (recent) ubiquitous use of the term unicorn to describe super-unique start-ups that become huge wins for investors. Also, my daughters trained me in a different view of unicorns. Still, a recent TechCrunch post that used the term caught my eye. The author is predicting a [...]

About that metadata

This thing called metadata intrigues me (data about data). So, I have been following all the ins and outs of recent disclosures about how our government tracks metadata. What a relief to come across this tongue-in-cheek piece thanks to another friend in Facebook (I have a wonderfully eclectic group of friends and colleagues in my [...]

What does your social data tell a creditor?

For some time now, I have been tracking start-ups using social data to determine creditworthiness. In the past week, I first saw this guest post. Shortly after, a popular Silicon Valley tech news site picked it up and carried it farther here. The author seems to see only upside. For example, By analyzing years of [...]