What makes technology humanitarian?

This is the month when I deliver my very first talk at IEEE's Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. Here is the abstract: The United Nations addresses economic objectives in SDG 8 (promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth) and SDG 10 (reduce inequality within and among countries to achieve greater participation in economic growth). A 2017 UN [...]

I’ll show you my credit score, if you’ll show me . . .

I just came across the news that Facebook has a patent on an invention that allows lenders to view the credit scores of our circle of friends on Facebook to determine whether or not we are creditworthy. Check out some coverage here. I couldn't be more concerned about how social data are being collected in [...]

New data regulations; What could go wrong?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has spoken. In a lengthy piece released a few months ago, the FTC took on the $150B data broker industry. Many of the companies focus on data collected for behavioral marketing/targeted advertising but credit bureaus comprise a significant segment of the industry. The title is descriptive--"Data Brokers: A Call for [...]