More on humanitarian tech

A while back I shared the abstract from my recent submission to IEEE’s Global Humanitarian Tech Conference. You can see the original post here.

I learned this week that it has been accepted. Hoping that this year’s conference really will be in person. For more information on timing (September 8-11), place (Santa Clara University), and registration, click here.

Linking my work on tech due diligence for humanitarian contexts to the preceding post about tuition share and the Online Program Management industry . . . One could place analysis of OPMs within humanitarian tech due diligence. By “one,” I mean me but also think tanks such as New America and The Century Foundation.

In this rendering, critical partnerships (student-serving and/or interactions) with non-profit higher education institutions should be evaluated according to humanitarian tech principles. Like the UN when assessing a technology that facilitates an SDG (sustainable development goal), due diligence on an OPM would be comprehensive and not just, say, how they make money.

Naturally, there is more food for thought here and I will continue to explore it.

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