Who says they are marginalized people?

I'm back from an intense four days at Santa Clara University for IEEE's Global Humanitarian Conference. I have written elsewhere about the presentation I was giving on technology due diligence in humanitarian contexts. I first introduced this idea, that we needed an enhanced form of due diligence when considering technologies for humanitarian projects, last year [...]

Communitarianism and major online ed streams

I just discovered that the professor who created the very first MOOC is a Mennonite. It was 2008 and George Siemens was a researcher at University of Winnipeg. He has more recently described his theory of learning as springing from those Mennonite roots. Seeing learning as going beyond mere content to being in community. You [...]

The soul of innovation

This thought that tech architecture might be rooted in something other than way cool technology or wealth creation rolls around in my mind all the time. It informed the due diligence methodology I recently proposed for IEEE's Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. It also relates to my memoir project covering my experience and insights as a [...]

Web3, Meaningful Framework or Rebranding

I was invited to participate in a panel discussion about Web3. This is the title: "Governance and Web 3.0: Sense and Sensibility." It struck me as a clever enough title. The details were a bit complicated. It was a virtual meetup with over 80 attendees. I suspect most were enthusiastic about the Blockchain/Crypto angle on [...]