Why we joined PDEC

I first learned of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) three years ago. I mostly thought the name was quite the mouthful. In time I discovered many kindred spirits in its ranks. After participating in the governance committee over the past year, I have agreed to step up my involvement. Here’s why that matters.

PDEC is the one non-profit organization I know that is dedicated to the cause of personal data. There are wonderful organizations that are related, such the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and the Information Accountability Foundation IAF), but PDEC dives deep in an area others barely touch.

At a time when personal data is growing exponentially and increasingly creative uses of it abound, PDEC is all in on driving innovation, policy, and understanding in the personal data ecosystem.

Looking at excerpts from the mission, you can see the relevance to Descant, the company. For example, we see a robust personal data ecosystem:

That gives people the rights and capabilities to control, access, manage and derive value from data about them and their lives regardless of how such data is derived.


In which businesses accept a fundamental responsibility for transparency and accountability regarding data that they retain, transmit or exchange about people.

We stand for protecting people – “empowerment, personal control over personal data and identity and transparency about where and how it is used.” And because many of our members are startups and other for-profit corporations, we actively support creative “business models and monetization strategies for companies operating in the personal data ecosystem.” By proving that transparency and accountability are good business, we hope to see the ecosystem grow.

I am excited to be a part of this organization that reflects the best thinking in technologies and innovations that do the right thing by personal data.


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