Santa’s Credit Score!

A Canadian colleague just sent me an email pointing out that the US views Santa Claus as an indebted independent toy distributor with a FICO score while Canada just issued him a passport. We Americans just love to score people it seems.

You can follow the links above or here and here to see for yourself. Santa’s Credit Report is supposed to be entertainment but it does underscore the plight of small business owners in our credit system.

Here are some excerpts from the maker and seller of the FICO score as a nudge to encourage viewers to check out their scores:

Santa’s “credit mix:” Refinanced mortgage in 2009. On one hand he has paid down half of it. On the other he has a home equity line of credit that he used to expand the toy factory in 2013. He also financed part of the purchase of a new hybrid sleigh (cute but how exactly does that work? Lunar panels + reindeer?).

Santa’s credit history goes back to include the “eons” during which he has been making toys. Alas, his payment history shows he was over 30 days late on a credit card payment during a recession. Also he has a credit card with a $50,000 limit that he maxes out during the holidays to help with toy production.

In other words, not all that different than just about every American small business owner I know!


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