Regs to help small businesses?

It was cold and windy when I boarded Metro-North at Fordham Saturday morning. My destination was a conference at Yale's law school: "Unlocking the Black Box: The Promise and Limits of Algorithmic Accountability in the Professions." Anything about black box systems grabs my attention. This particular conference was organized by Frank Pasquale, a law professor [...]

A humble API

This morning I met with a group of women interested in financial technology innovation. I gave them an overview of Descant technology and its significance to small businesses trying to access capital and credit. The questions were many, thoughtful, and challenging. I especially enjoyed the technology questions. I love to talk about how we thought [...]

I’ll show you my credit score, if you’ll show me . . .

I just came across the news that Facebook has a patent on an invention that allows lenders to view the credit scores of our circle of friends on Facebook to determine whether or not we are creditworthy. Check out some coverage here. I couldn't be more concerned about how social data are being collected in [...]