Web3, Meaningful Framework or Rebranding

I was invited to participate in a panel discussion about Web3. This is the title: "Governance and Web 3.0: Sense and Sensibility." It struck me as a clever enough title. The details were a bit complicated. It was a virtual meetup with over 80 attendees. I suspect most were enthusiastic about the Blockchain/Crypto angle on [...]

What makes technology humanitarian?

This is the month when I deliver my very first talk at IEEE's Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. Here is the abstract: The United Nations addresses economic objectives in SDG 8 (promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth) and SDG 10 (reduce inequality within and among countries to achieve greater participation in economic growth). A 2017 UN [...]

I say data governance–you say data governance

I recently heard from a longtime colleague in the world of open source software. She is heading up an open standards initiative at IEEE, the international standards body for engineering, computing, and technology information. She invited me to lead a "data governance" project. In our conversation (after I said "of course") we talked a bit [...]

Brahms vs Wagner

It has been a year since we began our isolation. I continue to sign up to as many Zoom conferences and panels as possible. It has been a time of learning. The upside. Today I am remembering an extended exchange on the topic of whether data is the new oil. Here are some excerpts, the [...]

Ecosystems, through-lines, and Professor Viamonte

Lately I have been writing about how to create solutions that cut across a market with participants of unequal wealth or power. In other words, you see a complex ecosystem and wonder if there's some way to connect all participants in a way that brings benefits to the underserved and favored alike. I keep thinking [...]