Talking About Numbers

We have used a tagline from time to time. Strength in numbers.

I am reminded of that when I think about participants in our pilots who have reported the ways they want to use Descant. You can take a tour of the application for pilots here.

The most common feedback is exactly what we expected. Their businesses have bank loans and the bank requires periodic financial reports. Descant will make it easier. Other uses include providing an overview of the company to an auditor or using the profile sharing mechanism to cover routine reports to the board of directors so the in-person meetings can focus on strategic matters.

Another business user reports treating the company’s credit profile as a business plan to share and update with the management team. I loved that idea. I remember laboring over my first company’s business plan thinking that of course I’d use it and then . . . it gathered dust at the bottom of a draw. Granted, this was before Google docs and the ability to collaborate on the file but even with such a tool, I suspect it would have faced a similar fate. Quickly out of date and mostly forgotten.

I can imagine the team collaborating online in the context of a dynamic business profile as a visualized representation of their plan. Instead of spreadsheets, they’d all be looking at the same metrics using the comment feature to discuss performance updates and plans.

The strength in knowing your numbers.

Real user feedback is my favorite part of building a product. I can hardly wait to hear more as these online conversations take off, especially as questions are answered and insights gained. If you’re interested participating in a pilot, let us know and we will look forward to hearing your ideas.

— LaVonne

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