Do we really need loan machines?

I never quite know whether fascination with algorithm-driven lending is a media thing or a Silicon Valley thing. What or whomever fuels fintechs, it's a global phenomenon, a point underscore by recent coverage of Jack Ma’s online lending to small businesses. As with venture-backed fintechs out of Silicon Valley, Ma’s effort, called MYbank, analyzes thousands [...]

The battle over personal data

Our adversaries are no longer international despots or dictators, they are multi-national companies who exploit every byte of data we produce to achieve unfathomable riches for themselves. Those who possess intelligence on our psyches revealing things we don’t even know about ourselves. --Chris Herd | June 27, 2018 | Medium I live and breathe personal [...]

What algorithms have to do with it

I originally wrote about the mysteries of algorithms and small business credit after attending two excellent conferences on the subject here in New York City. Here is a good panel discussion on the topic. Since then Cornell Tech has launched the Digital Life Initiative, offering an abundance of excellent research and deeper explorations. Background. There [...]